River boat AITRA in Kaunas, Nemunas River

River boat: “AITRA”
Wharf: “Daugirdo Uostas” by the Vytautas Great Bridge, LT-44280, Kaunas
On board: up to 300 passengers when standing, 140 when sitting at the table
Drinks: soft, coffee and tea, beers and spirits
12:00 14:30 17:00 19:30 – at Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
Please call for a quote +370 685 01000, drop us an e-mail to kaunas@barta.lt or use a contact form »


Kaunas boat trips in Nemunas river. Boat for rent. Operated by BARTA BARTA has some good news for residents and visitors of the Kaunas city! Since the beginning of 2016 season the river boat “AITRA” provides regular Nemunas River boat trips, tours, excursions and private events starting it’s journeys from the “Daugirdo Uostas” (eng. The Daugirdas Port) which is located near the “Vytauto Didžiojo tiltas” (eng. The Vytautas Great Bridge). The boat “AITRA” is also avalable for private hire with a boat crew on any occasions such as family celebrations and friend meetings, company events, presentations, performances, etc.

Regular trip route

The river boat “AITRA” is anchored at the Daugirdas Port (lith. “Daugirdo Uostas”) of The Nemunas River which is located next to The Vytautas Great Bridge (lith. “Vytauto Didžiojo tiltas”) (or previously known as the Aleksotas Bridge) near the Vytautas Great Church (lith. “Vytauto Didžiojo bažnyčia”). The boat starts a regular two-hour-long tour from there and sails down the Nemunas River to the Kačerginė town where the usual turnaround is taken. During the standard tour the boat “AITRA” passes the confluence of Nemunas River and Neris River, (lith. “Santaka”), then passes Aleksotas district, then sails through the beautiful Nemunas shores and makes a turnaround near the mouth of Nevėžis River (lith. “Nevėžio žiotys”), then returns to the Daugirdas Port via the same route.

From the deck of River boat “AITRA” passengers are able to see the most beautiful Nemunas River shores, Kaunas Castle, Raudondvaris Towers. The regular route journey takes about 2 hours.

Regular trip schedule, duration and minimum number of passengers

River boat “AITRA” performs trips at weekends (Saturday and Sunday), four times a day on 12:00 14:30 17:00 19:30

The trip is not held if there are less than 10 people at a specific leaving time. If in such case you still wish to run on river boat “AITRA” then a price is €200, where the usual trip takes two hours. Unfortunately the trip can not be shortened to a one-hour-long trip.

Usually the regular boat trip takes approximately 2 hours depending on weather conditions and travel route.

Single regular trip on boat “AITRA” prices

  • €12.00 for adults
  • €6.00 for children (ages of 5-15 years old)
  • Children of age 5 and under ride free
  • Travel agencies holding a permanent partnership contract get a 10% discount


Restaurant is open on the board of river boat „AITRA for your good time spending.

Menu of restaurant on board of river boat „AITRA” our guests can see later.

Rent the river boat “AITRA” for private trips and events

When hiring a boat for private trip or event there are the additional services available such as TV, stereo system, audio amplifier equipment, music player with microphone (karaoke), etc. There is the video equipment suitable for presentation allowing to play the video files from the computer, video player or camcorder. Additional charges applies for equipment rent.

There is a possibility to change the standard trip route. Usually it is extended and has a few stops to get outside near the most beautiful places of Nemunas River. The boat “AITRA” is able to sail up to the Kulautuva pine forests and disembark there, then come back or make a final stop there if desired. Different options, routes and points are also possible.

River boat “AITRA” is able to disembark passengers at any desired place if necessary. The boat can wait until the company will spend their time on the shore or make a final stop where desired. For groups of hundred+ passengers there are an option to hire a DJ or DJs, musicians and performers, event presenters, etc. The boat’s “AITRA” deck is able to hold up to 300 people. Board is equipped with a bar which has a full licence for soft and strong drinks.

BARTA guarantees that only a client, client’s company and boat’s crew will be at the ship when a client rents a whole boat and there will be no strangers. Furthermore, other sailings are stopped an hour before booking the boat – at that point the boat could be prepared for the custom requirements of the client, event and the journey.

Prices for renting a boat „AITRA“ in Kaunas

Trip duration Price when anchored, € Price when running, €
1st hour 500 EUR + VAT 116 EUR + VAT
2nd hour 400 EUR + VAT 116 EUR + VAT
From the 3rd hour 350 EUR + VAT 116 EUR + VAT

Total boat rent price for 1 hour applies when ordering a whole boat for a private group (client).

Book the private boat trip or venue in Kaunas for various occasions

We kindly invite you to spend time on the board which will be a truly unique and unforgetable experience!

Please call for a quote +370 685 01000, drop us an e-mail to kaunas@barta.lt or use a contact form »

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