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Boat trips in Vilnius at night on Neris River

It may seem to some people, and unusual, but we have the courage to propose to you to hold conferences “on our territory.” It is known, not small circle of people we can be summone in to Lithuania with the purpose to find out more, see vivid and at the same well spent time.

BARTA UAB offers to hold conferences “on the water”. RIGA pleasure boat, named for ‘brothers’ Latvian capital’s name stands moored at the marina, Neris waterfront, near the King Mindaugas Bridge, Vilnius. Another almost certain his brother, the ship SKAISTIS as not far away from it – in Trakai, 30 km far away in the old Lithuanian capital.

BARTA offering to consider when preparing conferences environmental protection, ecology or whatever else you care about the topic. Maybe not all three days, or as much as you are there at the event lasts, but the final part of the emphasis on what to developers is good, should fully comply with the characteristics of the area.

We remind you that there are all the necessary equipment: a great Lithuanian nature, sound, video demonstration hardware. There we have space even for 100 people on each board in Vilnius and Trakai. If necessary, a food will supply directly onto the deck, and if you wish – you can snack on nature. Small bar, in choice – excellent, would like each participant of our ship. What did the event, argued that to hold such attraction again, and not even once.

You are welcome, your customers to pleasure, due to introduce ourselves and our country.
Call or write emails. Always we find a common language.

Phone number for services in Trakai:+370 699 27797, E-mail:
Phone number for services in Vilnius: +370 685 01000, E-mail:

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