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The celebration for children, students, custom events on board in Trakai, Vilnius, Kaunas

Do you know what this was Boniface or Captain Vrungel? No? Or maybe you remember Heklber Finn and Tom Sawyer, or at least “Captain Blad odyssey?

About Mr. Nemo, from fifteen of times seen in Jules Verne of the same name various TV and film screenings grands it should have, you know. Thats good.

And what are the current worse dare-devils? Maybe they would like to at least half a day, or at least a couple of hours roughened after the ship to find out what is the wardroom, the ship’s gangway, and what the heck is actually engaged in the ship cabin boy.

Those who are interested are welcome to join those who have already experienced the taste of knowledge, recreational activities together with our children on board the host of the event to take part in the competition or the quiz, take territory of the enemy camp with “grapnels”.

Surprise your kids – organize for them a birthday party on our ship board! You can arrange feasts for children in Vilnius and Trakai and Kaunas. We offer to organize birthdays and other celebrations for children with the event presenters. They will prepare a great feast for your little ones will not get bored.

Event presenter price – 120 €.

Write, call, ask questions, we are at your disposal.
Cellular Phone: +370 685 01000

Cabin boy, ship RYGA

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