Technical boat VILNIS

Technical boat "Vilnius" maintaining the Neris River in Vilnius. Operated by BARTA BARTA UAB started Neris River bottom dredging works that all boats can navigate in Vilnius Waterway in 2012. We are confident that this work needed to carry out continuously, through an efficient technique. Succeeded to completely clear the Neris riverbed, the number of ships in the river should significantly increase.

BARTA UAB collective, lead by Captain Leonas Benetis the fifth season already cleans the main artery of Vilnius Waterway, by technical boat VILNIS.

The technical boat VILNIS renovated and updated in principle, its` design changed so that boat could work standing in the river, the true sense of the term.

Boat VILNIS stands on the feets, through work which made the company’s craftsmen and installed in a way that ensures its stability even at maximum freight manipulator (boom) load. Construction enables to carry out complex tasks that require stability to carry out the equipment. So, for this purpose on the front of the deck mounted hydraulic crane, allowing the end of the boom mounted grippers to pull out of the river bottom biggest stones and other unnatural caused rivers of foreign bodies, which have become an insurmountable obstacle for many who want to of navigability Neris.

We are convinced that if such steps would have been made even earlier, Neris could be occupied by wide variety of ships. However, it must be acknowledged – ship owners to stop not only the rocky river bottom.

BARTA UAB is endeavoring that number of ships sailing in the Neris River would increase every year.

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