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Boat trips in Trakai, Vilnius, Kaunas - operated by BARTA

Eevent moment on board „AITRA”

Corporate parties – refreshment for your Company staff. And just do not tell that you are not tired to rattle on keyboard to good and even better results. Maybe it is time to relax a bit, airing of brain that refreshing summer breeze injected fresh ideas… BARTA offers to entertain on our ships in Trakai, Vilnius and Kaunas. Right now, without delay.

Passenger-entertaining ship RIGA team is waiting for to entertain you at Neris River in Vilnius. You can feel at a certain “Captain” of the White Beauty ship RYGA, or at least all knowledgeable “Cabin boy” really be able to become anyone.

For those who like more to escape from the city noise and hum we offer ship SKAISTIS only in 30 kilometers distance from Vilnius in Trakai. Recreational craft SKAISTIS is waiting for all your company’s at marina near the castle on the island in the lake Galve.
On request, we can take entertainment lovers on the pier in from Užutrakis or from equipped marina at camping “Slėnis”.

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Private boat trips in Vilnius, Neris River

If you only have a desire to have a good time entertaining, please come in. Each party of nature only deepens the collective, like one family find ourselves. So why should better?

You can talk for a few hours in an informal environment which is sipping a drink or grilling sausages on the grill. Snacks cold drinks and, if necessary, hot meals will make sure we have reliable partners. Wishing to decorate the ship under his own brand attributes, or slogans and banners “variety. Fantasy in this case must have no limits.

At your service, and audio and video equipment provided for a small extra charge. And a good mood, as well as colored balloons mountain, bring a hope with you…

Can you guide your accountants along with Boss, of course, to seduce, to sign papers for such affair. This will serve the common purpose of all for your interest.

We promise to serve helpfully, if necessary, and to provide wood for fire. We are waiting for the whole staff, large and small occasion.

Call or write. Additional information is always kindly provide.
Ask, unashamedly.

Phone number for services in Trakai:+370 699 27797, E-mail:
Phone number for services in Vilnius: +370 685 01000, E-mail:

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