Safety equipment

BARTA UAB trade safety equipment required for safe feel to anyone determined to have fun on the water. Life jackets – different sizes, suitable for both children and adults. It is very important that you feel safe on water whatever are you warking or have an entertain. Let’s hope you’re not in your life very provoked Neptune.

We offer a certified life jacket to help get over the coast, if ever, where the sea, lake or river grows from the devil to try to start drag down towards the bottom. Life jackets must be a means to anyone determined to entertain waters or travel by water.

The lifejacket is recommended to wear each time planning the fun “on the water”.

Water – one of the most powerful forces of nature, and it is not advisable to trifle with. Especially in these, global warming era when climatic weather conditions are far from being always predictable, and the storm can get you any time.

In this case, for safety reasons, a life jacket – the first tool that will help you reach the shore safely and with a minimum amount of water in the mouth and throat.

One jackets price – 15,95 €. Buying larger quantities always have the opportunity to negotiate.

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