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The Tiškevičius Palace

Are you sure you know everything about Lithuanian capitals Vilnius, Trakai?
Neris – river flowing through the two major Lithuanian cities – Vilnius and Kaunas. Between the hilly surroundings of the capital started its journey in Lithuania (Rivers Mother went to Lithuania from Belorussia, where Wilia is called) continue bearing his waters through the Kernavė and Jonava it reaches its final destination – the attacking Lithuanian river Nemunas father’s embrace. Meets they are the same in the middle of Kaunas, which is called – Santaka (Confluence). So, any of us much more don`t remember, those knowledge is school days readings.

Lithuanian capital, Vilnius history dates back to more facts about the river tricks: and it floods when the river water had risen so much that reached the Cathedral, pouring the basements, then Selonian float stands and much more…

Educational excursion in Galve lake will also provide knowledge not only of the ancient capital of Lithuania – Trakai history peripetia, but also will learn more about the Lithuanian rulers, nobles – Tiškevičiai lifestyle refinements.

BARTA UAB themed tours on board you can hear and see many interesting elements of Lithuanian history, which once again proves that water – a great force, and the river, its flow it carries the – as if live witnesses…

Tours are organized in groups of pre-registered, has agreed to one of the following topics. Ships waiting trippers:

  • in pear at King Mindaugas Bridge in Vilnius
  • in pear at Pilies island in Trakai

Phone number for services in Trakai:+370 699 27797, E-mail:
Phone number for services in Vilnius: +370 685 01000, E-mail:

Additional information about excursions always kindly provide. Ask, do not hesitate.

Come, spend time in cool and purposeful.

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