Boat SKAISTIS in Trakai, Galvė Lake

Wharf: Trakai Castle Island
Wharf: The Užutrakis Manor, also known as The Tiskevicius Palace in Užutrakis (leaving quarter an hour later than from the Castle Wharf)
On board: up to 100 passengers at standstill, 40 sitting at the table
Drinks: soft, coffee and tea, beers and spirits
10:30 11:30 12:30 13:30 14:30 15:30 16:30 17:30 18:30
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Boat “SKAISTIS” in lake Galvė by the Trakai Island Castle

BARTA UAB purchased the first boat “SKAISTIS” in Trakai at 1991 when the company started its activity to provide boat trips and tours services. The city of Trakai is the historical capital of Lithuania known from the 12th century and earlier. During many ages the castle was a fortress of all the grand dukes of Lithuania as well as King Vytautas. Trakai and the Trakai Historical National Park is listed as the object of UNESCO World Heritage and is known as one of the most beautiful places of the Baltic states which is a must to visit for all guests of Lithuania.

Route of the regular boat tour

The boat “SKAISTIS” is anchored at the wharf in the right side of the Trakai Island Castle (lith. Trakų Salos Pilis) in the island of lake Galvė. The route begins from the Castle Island by taking a course towards the Yacht Club and then making a circle on the lake “SKAISTIS”. Then the boat turns back to the lake Galvė and passes the Tiškevičius Palace in Užutrakis. Just after the historical park there is a wharf where the boat stops if there are passengers waiting there or anyone asks, the same stop could be made at the next wharf of camping “Valley” (lith. “Slėnis”). From this point the boat “SKAISTIS” runs along the rowing base trails, ahead of the Deimantinė, Valka and Raudų islands back to the Trakai Island Castle.

Regular schedule and number of passengers

Daily tours takes every half past an hour from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM in months of May, June and July.
Tours in months of August, September and October run by shortened schedule.
If you wish to book the boat for the later hours please please get in touch with us.

The trip is not held if there are less than 10 people at a specific leaving time. If in such case you still wish to run on the boat “SKAISTIS” then a fixed one-hour-long trip price is €350.

Single regular trip on boat “SKAISTIS” prices

  • €12.00 for adults
  • €6.00 for children (ages of 5-15 years old)
  • Children of age 5 and under ride free
  • Travel agencies holding a permanent partnership contract get a 10% discount

Regular trip duration

The tour duration depending on the waves, speed and weather conditions ranges from 50 to 60 minutes.

Book the private boat trip or venue in Trakai for various occasions

We kindly invite you to spend time on the board which will be a truly unique and unforgetable experience!

Please call for a quote +370 699 27797, drop us an e-mail or use a contact form »

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