Passenger-pleasure ship “RYGA” runs in Neris river in Vilnius

Pramoginė kelione Nerimi Vilniuje

Passenger-pleasure ship “RYGA” runs in Neris river in Vilnius

BARTA UAB informs Vilnius residents and guests of the Lithuanian capital that from May 13, 2022 the passenger-pleasure ship “RYGA” is waiting for you at the King Mindaugas pier, below Gediminas Castle. The ship “RYGA” will run regular voyages on weekdays (2 or 3 voyages) and on weekends, i.e. on Saturdays and Sundays (more frequent flights). Passengers are welcome at the Neris quay pier: 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00.

We will anxiously transport passengers on the usual route to the Žirmūnai Bridge, after which we will sail to the „FORUM PALACE“, and after turning around the White and Green Bridges we will return to the pier. Depending on the weather conditions, the water level in the river takes 50 – 55 minutes. With enough entertainment for (minimum 10 adult passengers), the ship will run every hour.

The boat “RYGA” can be rented for various occasions: weddings, bachelorette parties, birthday parties for children and adults, company presentations, meetings of friends, classmates or other important events for you. When ordering a boat, at the request of customers, it will be possible to change the route of the trip, sail all the way to Valakampiai, choose a shorter route, get off to shore for fun.

When sailing on charter flights, if necessary, we can disembark your company in a pleasant area for a short rest, to take photo sessions, etc. We can wait or not wait for you and your friends to spend time on the beach. DJs and event hosts can be hired to entertain a larger group of people. Up to 100 people can entertain on the deck. There is a bar on board that will not disappoint those who like to visit it.

The ship has audio equipment, microphones for those who want to participate in karaoke or otherwise express their talent. When renting the whole ship, BARTA UAB guarantees that only the customer with the company and the persons accompanying him will sail on the ship, there will be no unauthorized persons on board (except for the ship’s crew and staff serving your party, if such is provided in the ship’s lease agreement). In addition, other ordered voyages of the ship are coordinated in such a way that the customer can enter the ship one hour before the order – at that time it is possible to cover the tables, decorate the ship or perform other preparatory work.

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