River boat AITRA in Kaunas starts 2016 season

River boat AITRA in Kaunas starts 2016 season

Wharf Daugirdo Uostas by the Aleksotas bridge. Boat „AITRA“, trips in Kaunas, Nemunas River, rent the boat. BARTABARTA UAB has good news to Kaunas residents and guests of the city! Since the 2016 season river boat “AITRA” is waiting for you at Daugirdo uostas (eng. Daugirdas port) located near the Vytauto Didžiojo tiltas (eng. Vytautas Great Bridge). The boat can be rented to sail for different occasions.

River boat “AITRA on customer request, by charter run at Nemunas River, carrying passengers around Kaunas. Client, ordered all the boat it is possible to change the trip route. You can navigate up to the Kulautuva pine forests, there disembark, not sailing back. Different options are also possible.

Groups of people to spend time funny could possibly be recruited DJ, event presenters. The boat deck can accommodate up to 300 passengers at standstill, 140 sitting at the table. Board is equipped with a bar, who like to visit it.

Meet the client needs stereo there is possible to rent Stereo, audio amflier equipment, music player with microphone (karaoke) are installed at the board. It`s good way if you want karaoke or other ways to express your talent. Client can use the video playback equipment, the customer’s needs satisfy given TV set to display the video files from the computer, video player or camcorder.

Laivo „AITRA“ Kaune nuomos kaina

Rent type Passenger quantity Trip duration Price whenship going, € Price when ship standing, €
Entire boat Up to 300 passengers First hour €500 + VAT €116 + VAT
Entire boat Up to 300 passengers Second hour €400 + VAT €116 + VAT
Entire boat Up to 300 passengers Third and next hours €350 + VAT €116 + VAT

Captain Leonas Benetis

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