The passenger-pleasure ship “RYGA” opens the 2024 season in Neris River

The passenger-pleasure ship “RYGA” opens the 2024 season in Neris River

Passenger pleasure ship “RYGA” starts the season 2024 at May 12, sailings will take place on the Neris River in Vilnius. The ship welcomes the entertainers at the pier, near Bridge Karalius Mindaugas (en. King Mindaugas), below Gedimino Pilis (en. Gediminas Castle). Residents of Vilnius and guests of the Lithuanian capital will be transported on regular trips throughout the season on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays at 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00), on weekdays passengers will be welcomed at the pier of Neris quay, after pre-booking a sailing trip by phone or e-mail.

The Neris River is an excellent choice for recreational sailing by ship and/or boat. Many people like to sail on the Neris River, the trip is quite interesting, you can enjoy the wonderful views of Vilnius, chat with other people and just enjoy the clean and beautiful Lithuanian capital nature. The weather for in the coming weekends will be expected to be summery, but we recommend that you prepare the right clothes so that you are fully prepared for fun and safe swimming on the Neris River.

Anxious passengers are transported along the usual entertainment route: the boat goes up the river to the Žirmūnai bridge, after which it turns around and takes the course to FORUM PALACE, and after turning there, it returns to the pier through the White and Green bridges. The duration of the recreational and educational trip takes 50 – 55 minutes, depending on the weather conditions and the water level in the river. If there is a sufficient number of people who want to be entertained (at least 10 adult passengers), the ship runs every hour.

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